collins key1 BIO Collins Key, from Los Angeles, California discovered the art of magic at age twelve. From the very beginning, he loved having the ability to make any public gathering spot his stage. These impromptu performances in front of strangers allowed him to hone his performance skills and brand his style. However, it was his acceptance into the renowned Hollywood Magic Castle Junior Program for aspiring magicians that accelerated his success. Here he could perform in the same venue frequented by the world’s top magicians. At just sixteen-years-old, Collins was invited to audition for the eighth season of America’s Got Talent, where he soon became a fan favorite. Not only was he the youngest magician to advance to the Las Vegas round and the youngest magician to ever perform on stage at Radio City Music Hall, Collins Key is also the only magician to ever make it to the finals of America’s Got Talent. Collins was born with a genuine passion for entertaining. His goal is to evolve magic with his young, fun, engaging style. Although Collins Key is a rising star, he remains humble and blessed for the opportunities that have come his way. Audiences thrill at watching this emerging superstar remain a positive influence by doing what he loves to do. Sign up for the fan club newsletter to find out what’s next for Collins Key!


Height: 6’2 Weight: 175 Hair: Dirty blond Eyes: Ice blue Birthday: May 9th Zodiac: Taurus Parents: Steven & Anne Siblings: Devan  (2 years younger little bro) Favorite food: Too many to name, but a few are pasta, sorbet and sushi Favorite childhood memory: Pretending to be a spy and running around the neighborhood playing tag with my friends Worst magic show: A little girl threw up on my shoes in the middle of the show Favorite Music: Dubstep, Rap, Rock, Country, Classical…. and more Awkward moments: When I said Hi to someone and they don’t hear me… :/ Favorite part of doing magic: Performing and connecting

Credits: Duke Photography